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Sales Force

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Sales Force

What does a sales force do?'s customer relationship management (CRM) service is broken down into several broad categories: Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud (including Jigsaw), Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud (including Chatter), Analytics Cloud, App Cloud, and IoT with over 100,000 customers.

What is Salesforce software used for?

The Salesforce cloud is an on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) suite offering applications for small, midsize and enterprise organizations, with a focus on sales and support.

We have extensive experience in SF platform. The SF platform services include:

  • SF CRM customization
  • Salesforce Lightning migration
  • SF service cloud customisation
  • SF community, analytics and chatter
  • SF1 and mobile applications solution
  • Supporting ISV customers to Appexchange market
  • Custom application development on force platform
  • Business process consulting of customer acquisition and post sales service and alignment with SF and appropriate license selection
  • Support for CRM processes development such as
    • Leads, opportunity, price books, campaigns, accounting, payment
    • Accounts, products, payments, invoice, collaboration
    • Contacts, contracts, orders, quotes, suppliers, payroll and marketing


We have solutions to accelerate the deployment of your solutions as follows:

  • Event management solution
  • Geo location based solution
  • Mobile payment solution with PCI DSS support
  • Solar panel proposal creation solution with Global position integration
  • Quick move to web/ mobile based commerce using Magento technology


Our Sales for services are as follows : 


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